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30 August 1852 Hugh Proby

 30 August 1852 Hugh Proby

On the side of a dirt road north of Quorn under the shade of a tree is the lonely grave of Hugh Proby who died on 30 August 1852. In 1851 Proby had taken three leases, two of which totalling 101 square miles were the start of Kanyaka. On the 30 August 1852 he had ridden after a mob of cattle which had broken away during a severe thunderstorm. On his way back he found the Willochra Creek was flooding and he was cut off; he attempted to cross, but it was running fast and deep and he drowned. He was buried two miles away and the gravestone reads:

Sacred to the memory of
Hugh Proby
Third son of the Earl of Carysfort
who was drowned while crossing
the Willochra Creek
August 30th 1852 aged 24 years

Take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know
not when the time is                Mark XIII
This tablet was placed over this grave by his brothers

and sisters in the year 1858

Newspaper Cuttings Book Volume 3, The Willochran, 1 April 1954, SLSA.

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