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Celebrating South Australia: invitation to contribute

PHA (SA) members are invited to contribute. The starting point is members’ existing historical work on South Australian topics, and in particular ‘grey literature’, ie, written work produced for a limited audience (such as commissioned reports). Entries may vary from a paragraph to article length. We do not envisage including published books, although excerpts may be considered. The editors will consider other lengthy work such as heritage survey material (where copyright permits).

Contributions must be items over which authors possess copyright for this purpose (or can negotiate it). Members may contribute newly composed work, or reworked pieces (perhaps with pictures not possible when first written). Thus the site will be eclectic rather than content-controlled, touching on and showcasing members’ work.

Examples of content that might be published include: chronologies; biographies, histories of organisations and much more besides; themes canvassed might include, for example: settlement, work, religion, entertainment; and industries, such as wool, mining etc. Can you submit a paragraph or two about a country town or a suburb; on certain South Australians; or recounting a particular event?

Illustrations are also invited, but as with text, copyright must be fully cleared and certified to the editors at the time of submission. Image driven essays are acceptable.

Copy will appear as submitted (eg Word document, PDF etc).

Contributions are to be accompanied by a brief abstract  Authors should sign their work (type name) and include email contact information where possible.

Please submit copy to: Brian Dickey: