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Entertainment in the Playford era: the changing scene

This essay originally appeared as ch. 15 in Bernard O'Neil, Judith Raftery & Kerrie Round (eds), Playford's South Australia: essays on the history of South Australia, 1933-1968, Adelaide, Association of Professional Historians, 1996, pp.295-318, and is republished here with minor corrections.

Tags: Adelaide College of Music, Adelaide Festival of Arts, Adelaide Repertory Theatre, Anderson Dame Judith, Arts Council of South Australia, Australian Films, Ballantyne Colin, Bishop John, , Clifford Dan, Dallwitz Dave, Dalman Elizabeth, drive-in theatres, Dumas Sir Lloyd, Dunstan Don, Edmund John, Elder Conservatorium, Elizabethan Theatre Trust, Helpmann Robert, Intimate Opera Group, Krips Henry, Lithuanian Theatre Group, Playford Tom, , Regan Alec, South Australian National Opera Group, South Australian Symphony Orchestra, , , Therry Society, Waterman Clyde and Ewen, Williamson J.C