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The ‘Playmander’: Its origins, operation and effect on South Australia

This essay first appeared in Bernard O'Neil, Judith Raftery & Kerrie Round (eds), Playford's South Australia: essays on the history of South Australia, 1933-1968, Adelaide, Association of Professional Historians, 1996, pp.73-90.

Jenny Tilby Stock is a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide. Her main research interest is political biography, with the life and career of Janine Haines a prime focus.

Tags: Australian Labor Party (ALP), Dumas Sir Lloyd, Dunstan Don, , Hill Lionel, Independents parliamentary, Liberal Country League (LCL), O'Halloran Mick, Playford Tom, representation parliamentary, Rymill Arthur, tow-party preferred vote, voters country, voters metropolitan, votes percentage share