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The Adelaide Fish Market 1870-1930

 The original volume aimed to examine a variety of aspects of the life of the City of Adelaide during the years when William Shakespeare was an inspector on the staff of the City Corporation.

This essay was first published in Brian Dickey (ed), William Shakespeare’s Adelaide 1860-1930, Adelaide, Association of Professional Historians, 1992, pp.179-92, and is reprinted here with minor changes.

Evelyn Wallace-Carter Evelyn Wallace-Carter was born and educated in Adelaide and worked for many years – in Adelaide and London – in public relations. Some twenty years ago, as an off-shoot of working for the Department of Fisheries, she wrote a history of the fishing industry in South Australia, and recently she re-issued this. As a mature-age student, Evelyn holds a BA and PhD from Flinders University. Both her Honours and PhD theses concerned Shakespeare’s works. Her Honours thesis was entitled ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’ as an alchemic parable, and her PhD thesis was entitled ‘The danger is in standing to’t’: The possibility of transformation for Shakespeare’s immature male characters. This forms a strange coincidence with the current work that features another William Shakespeare. She has also published "For they were fishers: the history of the fishing industry in South Australia", Amphitrite Publishing House, 1987, facsimile edition 2008

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